Urgent Psych Care

We offer same-day or within 24 to 48-hour appointments, by appointment only, weekdays from 9AM to 8PM, at 973-605-5000.

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Urgent Psych Care provides timely psychiatric evaluation and treatment, when immediate intervention is necessary and an appointment in a week or two simply won’t do. A prompt psychiatric intervention can halt a crisis situation from spiraling out of control or prevent the need for an otherwise unnecessary hospitalization.

Urgent Psych Care will provide you with a staff who really cares, and who will help you through your crisis, do everything possible to stabilize quickly, prepare a treatment plan that makes sense and takes into account all your concerns, and will help you to move forward to a state of well-being and optimal functioning.

We treat Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, OCD, Rage Attacks, ADHD, Panic Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Marital Conflict, Work-Related Stress, Acute Trauma, PTSD, School Refusal, Academic Stress, Learning Issues, Social Phobia and Bullying.

Additional treatments available include cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectic behavioral therapy, family therapy, marriage counseling, pharmacologic evaluation and treatment, organization and time management training and effective parent training.

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Urgent Psych Care treats children, adolescents, and adults under 65 with a team of expert psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and psychotherapists, ready to help.

Online Sessions

Sessions with an Online Psychiatrist or Therapist are available for those who live too far from our New Jersey Center to be able to meet with our clinicians in person or for other reasons are physically unable to attend office visits at our Cedar Knolls, NJ location.

We offer psychiatric evaluations, medication assessment, monitoring, and psychotherapy. The online therapy session will be done from the comfort of your home using our secure HIPPA compliant video platform. This way the online psychiatrist will be able to create a safer and more comfortable environment where you can be more at ease discussing your difficulties with the psychiatrist. At this time, online therapy sessions are available for NY & NJ State residents.

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