Our Philosophy

A tailored treatment philosophy based on each individual’s specific situation and needs.

Our Treatment Philosophy

ADHD, Mood & Behavior Center’s philosophy is based on the belief that treatment must be practical, effective and timely. It is not adequate to treat a “crisis” slowly and passively. It’s not adequate to just “chat” about problems. Constructive, useful & focused solutions are necessary to effect change and bring about real improvement.

We treat individuals, not “diagnoses”. Though our clinical professionals are highly skilled in diagnosis and treatment of childhood & adult disorders, we know that individuals do not always fit neatly into particular diagnostic categories. We also know that individuals are much more than a diagnosis, or label, assigned to them. As such, we do not simply look for a “diagnosis”. Rather, we strive to understand each child, adolescent or adult, and his or her needs, as well as those of their family, and identify their specific problem areas, whether they are emotional, behavioral, social, academic or professional. Then we design an individualized treatment plan that effectively and practically helps that child, adolescent or adult to feel better and function more successfully.

ADHD, Mood & Behavior Center is a “therapy Center”, where all our professionals work together to design a coordinated treatment plan for each child, adolescent, adult or family, one that makes sense and is effective. You are our partner in treatment. We work with parents, not in isolation from parents. We work together with our patients’ healthcare providers. We believe that our patients are always best served when we are all working together, in a coordinated fashion. It is in that spirit, from the very first visit, that we contact the child’s pediatrician and appropriate school personnel or the adult’s physician and any appropriate family members, in order to create a ‘team’ that is working together to help you.

Online Psychiatrist

Sessions with an Online Psychiatrist or Therapist are available for those who live too far from our New Jersey Center to be able to meet with our clinicians in person or for other reasons are physically unable to attend office visits at our Cedar Knolls, NJ location.

We offer psychiatric evaluations, medication assessment, monitoring, and psychotherapy. The online therapy session will be done from the comfort of your home using our secure HIPPA compliant video platform.. This way the online psychiatrist will be able to create a safer and more comfortable environment where you can be more at ease discussing your difficulties with the psychiatrist.

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