Adult ADHD

Empowering Adults with ADD/ADHD to Thrive in Life and Work

Adult ADHD

Many adults with ADD/ADHD endure years of struggle before realizing that their difficulties have a legitimate explanation. Challenges with organization, focus, and productivity are common for individuals with ADD/ADHD, hindering the achievement of even simple goals, daily tasks, responsibilities, deadlines, and decision-making.

For men and women with ADD/ADHD, life can be filled with shame, feelings of inadequacy and irresponsibility, and a sense of disappointment in themselves and others. Relationships may suffer, with accusations of inattention, poor listening, broken promises, unreliability, and perceived lack of care. The impact at work can be equally devastating, with wandering attention during meetings, missed deadlines, or tardiness for appointments. Productivity is compromised as distractions such as checking emails or browsing the web take precedence.

At our center, we understand the unique challenges faced by adults with ADD/ADHD. We provide comprehensive support, tailored strategies, and effective treatments to help individuals regain control over their lives. Our goal is to empower adults with ADD/ADHD to thrive in their personal and professional lives.

At ADHD, Mood & Behavior Center, we provide a full array of services for adults with ADD/ADHD. Evaluation includes a comprehensive assessment of attention and executive function, including organization, time management, planning, judgment and decision-making, as well as review of relationship and employment history and performance.

Treatment options are individualized, and include executive coaching, life coaching, relationship counseling, and where appropriate, medication treatment. Alternative treatments are also available.

Online Psychiatrist

We know adults are busy with work and caring for their families, leaving them no time for themselves. ADHD Mood & Behavior Center offers online therapy sessions for the working adult that cannot make time to visit our clinic in New Jersey.

We offer psychiatric evaluations, medication assessment, monitoring, and psychotherapy. The online therapy session will be done from the comfort of your home using our secure HIPPA compliant video platform.. This way the online psychiatrist will be able to create a safer and more comfortable environment where you can be more at ease discussing your difficulties with the psychiatrist.

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