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Therapy Services

We can typically see a new patient between 24-72hrs if you can be flexible with time.

We do not participate in any insurance networks.  However, most plans have “out of network” benefits which can reimburse an out of pocket expense up to 80%!
To find out if our services will be reimbursed under your out-of-network benefits please call your insurance company’s member services line. Typically, this number is found on the back of your insurance card.  Inquire about what percentage of any out-of-pocket cost would be reimbursed if an itemized bull and claim form is submitted.  Each patient that comes to our Center, for any service, will receive an invoice with CPT procedure codes and diagnostic codes, and proof that the patient paid out of pocket.  If your insurance carrier requires you to meet a deductible before any reimbursement can be made, our invoices should still be submitted so the amount you paid can be subtracted from your deductible. Most of our patients receive a 60-80% reimbursement of our services!

Please call the member services number on the back of your insurance card to see if you have out of network coverage on your plan.

Evaluation sessions are anywhere between sixty to ninety minutes.

You do not need to see the therapists in our Center if you are seeing one of our other providers. However, the therapists and psychiatrists at the Center work very closely together to provide a tailored treatment plan for you.  With an outside provider, it can be more difficult to collaborate and come up with the best treatment for the patient.

Please call the office to schedule an online session. From there, we will send you the App you will need to download in order to have access to our HIPAA compliant online services.

Absolutely! We partner with a company that offers completely HIPAA compliant video conferencing.

Any computer, smart phone or tablet will work with our online sessions.

No, you do not need a referral. Just call our main number and we will be happy to set you up!

No, of course not! Though medication may be suggested during your visit you absolutely do not have to do anything you aren’t comfortable with.  We offer many services that can help every diagnosis. 
Our providers are here to listen and come up with the best plan for you! So be honest with your expectations and we will do everything we can to exceed them!

That’s okay! Our doors in Cedar Knolls are always open but we’re proud to offer our best-in class psychiatric services throughout New Jersey and New York. You can “visit” us virtually for ADHD therapy or our other programs from the comfort of your home in upstate New York, Trenton, or anywhere else in our service states.

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