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If you are exploring our website and considering coming to our Center, then you must be struggling with some area of your life. Maybe you are having difficulties at home or with your children, or with relationships, with work, or simply with the way you are feeling or functioning. Whatever it is, you are searching for help.

Our Center’s philosophy is to identify the problems and to provide you with the most effective means of treatment possible, in order to get you feeling and functioning better as quickly as possible.

We begin with an evaluation that properly identifies the problem areas. Diagnostic categories are reviewed and the most appropriate diagnosis is defined. But, we do not just look for a “diagnosis”; we identify the problematic areas of your life that you are struggling with so that we can focus on improving these areas. We treat adults with the full gamut of emotional, behavioral, social, academic and professional difficulties.

We treat many adults with ADD or ADHD. Not many facilities do. We are very sensitive to the needs of adults with ADD/ADHD. Following an extensive evaluation, once diagnosed, treatment options are outlined and discussed. Our therapists educate our patients as to what ADD/ADHD is, how it can affect one’s life and one’s family, and how one can begin on a new path that compensates for the difficulties. Our therapists teach organizational and time management skills. They help to identify more effective means of overcoming the struggles with distractibility, disorganization, missing deadlines, forgetting tasks, being perceived as irresponsible. These lifelong struggles significantly affect one’s self-esteem. We will help you to deal with that, as well. When indicated, medication may be considered, and can be extremely helpful.

We treat many adults with a variety of mood difficulties. These include everything from depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and anger management issues to simply dealing with everyday stress that can be simply overwhelming. We will work with you, not only on these mood issues, but on helping you to control your moods, cope better with your feelings and thoughts, and experience a healthier lifestyle that provides you with a real sense of well-being. Treatment may include cognitive behavior therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, mindful awareness and stress reduction, and where indicated, medication.

We are sensitive to women’s issues. We know that for many the balance sometimes necessary between work and family can be a difficult one, often overwhelming. Add to that hormonal shifts, and that balance can be somewhat precarious, to say the least. Whether it is the menstrual cycle, menopause, post-partum depression or pre-menstrual syndrome, it is critical that these factors be taken into account when formulating a regimen that will return a “balance” to one’s life.

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