Online Therapists Sessions NJ

Looking for an Online Therapists Sessions in NJ? Sessions with an Online Psychiatrist or Therapist are available for those who live too far from our Center to be able to meet with our clinicians in person or for other reasons are physically unable to attend office visits at our Cedar Knolls, New Jersey location. All “office” visits are conducted remotely, online, right from the comfort of your own home! All that is required is an internet connection to our secure HIPPA compliant video platform. At this time, online therapy sessions are available for New Jersey and New York State residents, but we are rapidly expanding our services to other states, as well. Let us know what state you are from, and we will work to begin access to your state, as well! Our goal is to make our unique , comprehensive, state-of-the-art services available everywhere there is a need, wherever we can help. #1 Online Therapists Sessions NJ.

ADHD Mood & Behavior Center Of New Jersey
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Online Therapists Sessions NJ


Online Therapists Sessions NJ

With Online Sessions:
ADHD, Mood and Behavior Center is suddenly available to you, right from your own home!

Psychiatric services, including medication assessment and monitoring, and psychotherapy are all done online.

Our child, adolescent and adult psychiatrists and therapists are available to anyone residing anywhere in New Jersey or New York State.

We are able to offer our expert and coordinated services to a much larger area than ever before!

Our psychotherapists can conduct all therapy sessions online.

Even our executive function tutoring can all be done online.

All treatment can take place in the comfort of your own home!


Online Therapists Sessions NJ


Online Therapists Sessions NJ

If you are exploring our website and considering coming to our Center, then you must be struggling with some area of your life. Maybe you are having difficulties at home or with your children, or with relationships, with work, or simply with the way you are feeling or functioning. Whatever it is, you are searching for help.

Our Center’s philosophy is to identify the problems and to provide you with the most effective means of treatment possible, in order to get you feeling and functioning better as quickly as possible.

We begin with an evaluation that properly identifies the problem areas. Diagnostic categories are reviewed and the most appropriate diagnosis is defined. But, we do not just look for a “diagnosis”; we identify the problematic areas of your life that you are struggling with so that we can focus on improving these areas. We treat adults with the full gamut of emotional, behavioral, social, academic and professional difficulties.

Urgent Psych Care provides timely psychiatric evaluation and treatment, when immediate intervention is necessary and an appointment in a week or two simply won’t do. A prompt psychiatric intervention can halt a crisis situation from spiraling out of control or prevent the need for an otherwise unnecessary hospitalization.

Urgent Psych Care treats children, adolescents and adults under 65, and is staffed by expert board certified child, adolescent and adult psychiatrists, nurse practitioners and psychotherapists, all ready and waiting to help you.

Online Therapists Sessions NJ

Online Therapists Sessions NJ


Crisis Intervention
Mood Stabilization
Return to School Evaluations
Immediate Medication Stabilization
Anger Management
Panic Attachs
Overwhelming Stress
Urgent Psych Care will provide you with a staff who really cares, and who will help you through your crisis, do everything possible to stabilize quickly, prepare a treatment plan that makes sense and takes into account all your concerns, and will help you to move forward to a state of well-being and optimal functioning.

We treat Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, OCD, Rage Attacks, ADHD, Panic Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Marital Conflict, Work-Related Stress, Acute Trauma, PTSD, School Refusal, Academic Stress, Learning Issues, Social Phobia and Bullying.

Additional treatments available include cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectic behavioral therapy, family therapy, marriage counseling, pharmacologic evaluation and treatment, organization and time management training and effective parent training.

Online Therapists Sessions NJ

Online Therapists Sessions NJ


Call us now for an appointment at Urgent Psych Care, where you will be treated with professionalism, empathy and respect.

We are a uniquely comprehensive child and adolescent therapy Center for the treatment of children and adolescents with emotional, behavioral, social, academic and substance abuse difficulties, and for their families.

Our professional staff includes board certified child and adolescent psychiatrists, highly specialized child and adolescent behavior therapists and psychotherapists, substance abuse specialists, learning consultants, tutors and organizational and time management skills therapists.

Though our clinical professionals are highly skilled in diagnosis and treatment of childhood disorders, we know that all children and adolescents do not fit neatly into particular diagnostic categories. As such, we believe in not simply looking for a “diagnosis”. Rather, we strive to understand each child and adolescent and his or her needs, as well as those of their family, and identify their specific problem areas, whether they are emotional, behavioral, social or academic. Then we design an individualized treatment plan that effectively and practically helps each child and adolescent to feel better and function more successfully.

Children and adolescents who struggle with their MOODS may be experiencing one of a variety of mood disorders such as depression, anxiety disorders and childhood bipolar disorder, though it can simply be ‘an excess of emotional reactivity’, which causes a child or adolescent to experience life as an emotional ‘roller coaster’ that interferes with daily life.

Our goal in treatment is to help these children become more aware of their moods and learn how to influence, regulate and control them. Where appropriate, our child psychiatrists will expertly and judiciously consider with you the appropriate use of medication as part of a treatment plan.

We teach what depression, anxiety and childhood bipolar disorder are and how they can affect a child’s daily life. We have adolescent groups that meet regularly where teens can meet and discuss their experiences with bipolar disorder or depression, or simply their experiences with excessive mood swings, and its effect on their personal and social lives, and on their family.